18 Apr 2016

Saint God / Narasvette (single review)

Saint God are a shoegazey noise bringing duo from Tel Aviv who pack a pretty impressive punch, and their new track shows just that. Narasvette begins softly, a literal whisper of a start, with a delicate strumming of guitar before the fuzz kicks in. The reverb fuelled track swells, moving in droves with clever jolts in pace and movement.

The sounds become hypnotic when paired with the stunning video that accompanies the single. Dancer Giulia Piana aids in creating the trance-like state that the song induces. It's a sonic track, with huge amounts of energy, incessant percussions and layers upon layers of filthy reverb. The myriad of noise is a stark contrast to the hauntingly delicate vocals, making the track all the more striking. This is a track I'm excited about, as it's a duo bubbling with potential and I know they can get louder and larger, and I look forward to witnessing it.

Words: Rachel Tindall