16 Apr 2016

Seshlisted : Rain Maze, Fish, Mad Love + more @ The Nambucca

Causing raucous drunken sonic ruckus on a Tuesday night on Holloway Road, three bands from far and wide clashed to play a show that turned out to be the best night out you'll have this April. After K.I.D Vicious' ferocious spoken word set crammed with wry northern wit, the stage was filled noise from all over the country.

Rain Maze's set maxed out both the variables at play in the phrase 'dream-pop' - brilliantly catchy pop songs with dreamy soundscapes shoehorned over them - and sounded absolutely fantastic as a consequence. Material was heavily pulled from the splendid Sleeptalking EP of last year, as glowing versions of Midday Sun and Sleeptalking were highlights - frontman Amol Prabhu offering people some mysteriously found pizza before the latter. 

The next band on were Huddersfield power trio Mad Love who hammered through a set of incessant skater rock. Snarling moments like Kiss The Boy and their cover of Girls and Boys showed that the band lived up to their name because I quite frankly love them a mad amount. Their stage presence was pretty electric as even during the first song frontman slash guitarist Danny Sharp threw more shapes than Vince Noir on a ketty night out.

Headliners Fish lived up to their high spot on the bill with a set routed in grunge that was also pretty melodic. The frontwoman's voice was brilliant, reminiscent of Izzie B. Phillips or Kim Deal, set atop instantly classic post-punk songs. It was to Fish that the rest of the crowd really embraced the near euphoric atmosphere of the night as the London band had the audience captivated.

The night closed with a DJ set of noughties disco bangers by fast rising pop sensation Girli, boozily veering from the Spice Girls to Bowie with relative ease. This gig was the first put on by both promo team In One Ear and blog (of beautifully good boys) the Setlisted, and I think we can all look forward to future ventures by both of these because it was such a great night...

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Words: Calum Cashin