24 Apr 2016

Trashmouth Records' Second Annual RSD EP - Record Store Day's Biggest Gem Reviewed

The second annual Record Store Day release by London record label Trashmouth was actually the only RSD release I actually picked up last week, but I can assure you it was almost certainly the best thing on offer. Over 7 tracks by 7 different artists, the 12` compilation showcases and introduces some of the most amazing artists making music in the world today.

On seeing the tracklist, one name stands head and shoulders above the others. The Fat White Family are the greatest artists in the country, and having released the standout release of 2016 with their second record Songs For Our Mothers. The track the Brixton six piece have contributed is a remix of Wet Hot Beef, which isn't so much a kop out like a lotta remixes you get on RSD 12`s as a filthy reimagination with a really savage, grimy feel to it. Lias' vocals sound like a ritualistic, satanic chant and the track just hits such a filthy groove that you can't help but dance to the beat of human hatred.

Here the EP is being tried
and tested by myself
There are lotsa other gems on here too, though. Zsa Zsa Sapien, the frontman of mighty South London outfit Meatraffe hisses: "you measure success in terms of wealth not humanity" on their contribution to the compilation One Track Mind, as trumpets chime in the foreground. On Sangue Neuf, Madonnatron's sound is kinda half gregorian chant, half occultist jibe, and Bat Bike's bonkers punk cries echo an angular, extra-disheveled London version of The Fall on their number Head Beehive. Taman Shud bring the post-apocalyptic noise, and I think personally this has kinda almost sold a ticket to L'pool Psych Fest to me, because they sound that bloody essential.

Bar the Fat Whites number though, the highlight for me comes from the instantly classic sounding Madding Crowd by Pit Ponies; beer-soaked pub rock with echoes of the Stooges and Mouse & The Traps that decries anyone that "thinks they can live by different rules". Bounding, messy, it's one of the most enjoyable cuts there is, before it segues into the filthy groove of the Fat Whites.

Overall though, this record is a 7 track sampler of some of the UK's best underground bands, and is really, really essential listening. If you're a fan of all things noise, dirge, punk, political, and just general mayhem, look no further than the Trashmouth RSD release.

Words: Calum Cashin