6 May 2016

Afterbloom / Duh (single review)

Afterbloom, a quartet hailing from the Midlands, unveiled their debut single Duh this week, and y'know when a band are going to get big? Well, they show so many symptoms from day one: it treads the line between catchy, bright and psychedelic beautifully. Lotsa gorgeous guitar tones fill the scene, while mumbled vocals are far from the focal point because of all the vibrancy radiating from elsewhere. It echoes Primal Scream, and the Horrors, with explosions of colour being flung from all over the shop.

It's a real feelgood number, and it's so catchy that you can bet you'll hear more of this band. It's seamlessly produced, and it's a nugget that is just the product of woozy messy indie pop done right. Teen film soundtrack done right, Summer soundtrack that doesn't get too corny, Afterbloom's debut single has earmarked them as something seriously special for the future with Duh. (and it's a free download)

Words: Calum Cashin