15 May 2016

ENTRODUCING #16 - Hypochristmutreefuzz

I saw this band play a pretty fucking insane show in a castle vault not long ago, and well, the time has come to big them up a bit and turn the rest of the human race onto them, as I'm sure my Entroducing column is more than capable of doing. Hypochristmutreefuzz (kinda like hippo-christma'-tree-fuzz, if you wanna see it) are a collective of batshit Belgian noise merchants that take great pride and pleasure in melting your brain with some of the most invasive, intruding and incessant noises known to man. Essentially, they're a psychedelic band that bring in lots of live energy, cosmic synths on the blink and shamanic yelling to achieve their aim.

If you window shop around the internet, you'll see they've put out a few bits here and there, releasing a variety of singles ready for you to hear. First and foremost, there's The Splitter, which came out this year, a song that offers you a deceptively poppy initial hook before delving into the never-realms of gnostic psychedelia. From their debut EP, there's Schizophrenia Blues, an out and out rock 'n' roll number, with a dirty Fat Whites styleƩ synth part and acid wash vocals that pack a depraved aggression in their howled vocals.

But the thing about this band, is that as a live force, they're unrivalled. There's an air of dark mysticism to what they do, balancing pop music with satanic noises from the depths of hell itself. Onstage, they've got the makings and charisma of a band that are going to go far amongst fans of noisy, angry and experimental music, and if you ever, ever get the chance to see them live you just have to...

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Words: Calum Cashin