30 May 2016

Exclusive Stream | Mad Love's Explosive New Single "I'm Not A Smoker"

Mad Love are a power trio from the northern market town of Huddersfield, poising them to be West Yorkshire's very own answer to the Arctic Monkeys. You might think I'm overstating them here. That's probably because I am. Fronted by Danny Sharp, who's not a smoker, they hammer out snarling, anthemic, angsty Weezer style rock 'n' roll. Brutish choruses, snarky vocal delivery and scuzzy guitars; what's not to love? 

I guess Cribs comparisons are all too easy, but it seems that the country of Yorkshire seems to be able to churn out great three-pieces with a sensibility for choruses like New Orleans churns out great jazz men.

Hear Mad Love's new single I'm Not A Smoker - it's a belter, and sees ever intensifying choruses blend seamlessly with dainty snarls of sardonic lines, poising Mad Love to be your new favourite band.

Vote for Mad Love in the Y Not band app competition here (please, anything's better than JUDAS)

Words: Calum Cashin