12 May 2016

Gabriel Bruce / Gifts From God (single review)

Gabriel Bruce is making 2016 his year; the year the London psycho-crooner returns to centre stage following a different couple of years. His second LP, Come All Sufferers is out in the middle of the month (the twentieth), and he's already unveiled two songs from the record ready for human consumption. There's Freedom, the album's opener, a rampant bastard of a song, a frothing at the mouth goth-tinged stride back into the spotlight, and Metal Soul (which was his first new song in three years), which is a slower, darker and more twisted caustic affair that combines angular pop with eerie electronics to ensure that Gabriel Bruce is the 2010s' king of darkness.

The third song to come from that album - Gifts From God - came out earlier on today, and it's another scorcher. Out and out disco, this, with a proper funked out bassline and warped tropical guitar scratches bleeding in, a stark contrast to the lovelorn nostalgia channelled in Bruce's lyrics. Musically, it's quite a bizarre number, and it shows that Come All Sufferers is bristling with colour, as well as the monochrome that came across in the first couple of tracks.

On this song again, Gabriel Bruce's Iggy Pop-cum-Leonard Cohen voice is stunning, it's the main pull of the song and it's quite simply magnificent. "Hey! Remember when we unwrapped each other, like some gifts from god?" he sings, on what might possibly be the lyric of the year so far. You can dance to it, but god, it's pure poetry as well. If Freedom and Metal Soul didn't whet your appetite for a full scale return of the self-styled 'disco Leonard Cohen', then well, Gifts From God might just be the thing... / hear it here

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(written by cal cashin)