6 May 2016

Glaciers / Everything Ends (single review)

Glaciers are a Hampshire band looking to thaw their way into your hearts by unveiling a new song each month. March gave us Vivid, April gave us (an exclusive premiere of, ahem) The Walls, and May sees the release of this... Everything Ends. (although we hope it's not the end of their song per month campaign)

This is Glaciers' most pop focused effort yet, but really does reaffirm the belief that they're the premium art rock band emerging on the South Coast. Angsty vocal delivery compliments the twangy, huge sounding guitars as the band power through a number that is danceable and catchy. As the guitars twinkle and then explode into cosmic life in the middle 8, you're just left knowing that this band are the real deal. Godspeed you Glaciers, with your next crucial offering.

Words: Calum Cashin