18 May 2016

Is the Stone Roses new single just a jazzed up Fall song from 1988?

Let's be honest, the new Stone Roses single is objectively more disappointing and uncomfortable than losing your virginity, and furthers the band's sound on in the same way that a Conservative government further the Human Rights Act. That is that this record is a regression from the band's former glory, and well, with every listen it becomes more and more insufferable, and I for one would sign a petition to get it taken off 6Music's A-list forever and ever. But is it a rip off of The Fall's 1988 song Squid Lord? Well...


Yes it is. Give Squid Lord a whirl and then All For One a spin, and it's just kind of disappointing, really. Because the thing is, the guitar lick is what saves All For One from the dated production and dire lyrics, and well, it just really sucks that it's ripped right off another (superior) Manchester band's record. Also, you just know that the Roses would have been aware of Squid Lord, because The Fall were a big deal in 1988, and occupied the same city at the time when the Roses were just getting going.

The fact that the best part of this song, to me, is just further proof we really don't need to glorify the Stone Roses anymore, as they've got the same amount of creative flair as James Milner, and half the character. Giving them airspace on the Radio over new bands again and again is really quite a lame way of asphyxiating new music, and quite frankly, if you think this is "better than any of the music around today!!!!!!!" you quite frankly need to get out more. All for one, and one for all, let's hold hands, and rip off The Fall.

Words: Calum Cashin