16 May 2016

LIFE / Rare Boots (single review)

Hull's LIFE are one of the UK's most energetic bands, ferociously energetic live, their music is delivered with so much passion that it's hard not to be hooked. They're so passionate that their frontman has the band's logo tattooed. On their new track Rare Boots, they've put down further proof that they can do it in the studio as well as on the stage. Frontman Mez's vocals are a hybrid of Johnny Rotten's circa Liar and Mark E Smith, during the days when you could make out what Mark E Smith was saying, which is obviously a cocktail for enjoyable guitar music.

Rare Boots is a combination of your standard indie rock guitar tones and bright melodies with Mez's twitchy vocals, but you can kind of imagine this sounding brilliant in a live setting already. The track's bristling with energy, and bristling with, well, y'know, LIFE - I saw them live a few months back, and well, I can imagine this being belted out with unparalleled passion and all that jazz. Hear it below, and decide for yourself.

Words: Calum Cashin