11 May 2016

Lola Colt / Gold (single review)

Monday sees Lola Colt, psychedelic titans from the general London area, release the first single from their new album (Twist Through The Fire, out June 1st). It goes by the name of Gold, and is full of the seductive danger and dark atmospherics that make Lola Colt a real force to be reckoned with.

Confrontational and swaggering, the band fill the room with dark, brooding and unsettling drones, world destroying guitar meltdowns and ominous organ parts. It's the best kind of dark psychedelia, it's genuinely menacing, as the frontwoman Gun's howls make this sound like a really terrifying, apocalyptic version of All Tomorrow's Parties, cranked up to 11 and calling from deep inside the k-hole. It's unholy, it's intangibly menacing, and above all, it's absolutely hypnotic for its whole duration.

Lola Colt are deal masterclasses in swaggering, sweltering drone rock, and this poises their new album to be a more than satisfying example of dark, demon summoning psychedelia. Our appetites are whet for more Lola Colt, and you can get in on the hype too because the video's attached below... Watch this space around June 1st for more of the same game changing evil psychedelic vibrations.

Words: Calum Cashin