9 May 2016

Lovelace / Grizzly (single review)

Grizzly is beautiful minimal, the fact that Lovelace's instrumentation is so stripped back only serves to accentuate what a beautiful voice it is Rebecca Whitbread possesses. With only the occasional twee guitar sigh and the infrequent piano blasts to go atop metronomical drum machine beats, Whitbread's voice is most certainly the focal point as she Ooooohs and Ayyyys her way through one of the most beautifully melodic twee pop songs you'll hear all year.
Grizzly is a nugget of really quite pleasant guitar pop by a band who have a record out later this year, so you should really get on the bandwagon now because y'know, it's a name you should know. This is really a total dream; it's almost like a Radio 1 friendly Cocteau Twins, y'know. You can hear the song below and decide for yourself...

Words: Calum Cashin