3 May 2016

MEATDUSCHER | Warmduscher and Meatraffle's split single reviewed

Speedy Wunderground is a London record label that puts out 7 inch records by the finest underground talents in the country. They give the artists about a day to record the track in the studio, and from there put it out... The latest offering - number 17 - sees two of South London's finest bands sharing a bit of wax - Meatraffle and Warmduscher.

Meatraffle contribute the swarming, squalling The Bird Song, which sees the band's confrontational sound smashed into hyperspace, making them sound like a whiskey-fuelled Jefferson Airplane. The bass line is brood and menacing, with guitar stabs making it sound like an extra slimy descendent of Hawkwind. Of course though, Meatraffle are a band proclaimed "the greatest band in the country bar none" by the greatest band in the known universe (The Fat White Family), and in their attempts to sound strutting and chaotic are just so accomplished that you'll hear this and listen again and again.

Warmduscher's contribution to the 7', The Sweet Smell Of Florida, is maybe possibly kinda even better - Saul of Fat White notoriety belts out an Iggy Pop croon over the top of some garage punk so dirty that even a tub of Vanish wouldn't help it clean up it's act. Squalling through chaos and catharsis, screams and wails penetrate through a guitar line that gets a real glam rock groove on. It's rock 'n' roll, ever so exactly as rock 'n' roll should be executed in the twenty first century.

A crucial 7' of unearthly delights, the Speedy Wunderground split is another high point for two of the artists in the world today that you should hear, and cherish, and burn effigies of Zac Goldsmith to. It's filthy, groovy shamanism, coming straight to your ears from the depths of South London, and you should choose to give these humans a chance.

Out June 3rd

Words: Calum Cashin