4 May 2016

Meilyr Jones has just released a new video for "Strange Emotional"

Meilyr Jones, turtleneck-wearing baroque-popping connoisseur of fine off-kilter pop, and our current obsession has only just blessed the world with a video for Strange Emotional, which is gonna be the next single from the quite frankly wonderful 2013 debut of his.

The video, quite like the album has a really strong pull to the Italian capital of Rome. Where on the album, and in part the featured song, Meilyr explores his stay in the city, which led to the inspiration behind the record.

He drifts from place to place, through galleries, through restaurants, through the streets on a vespa, to accompany the sound of 2013‘s prettiest nugget of psychedelic oddball pop. It‘s really just everything you needed to brighten up your Wednesday and more...

Anyhow, you can check the video out below, or you can indulge in the magic of Meilyr further and read this review we put up of his debut record...

Words: Calum Cashin