4 May 2016

Sit down and listen to some on-point EU satire parodies

Remember when The Iain Duncan Smiths rose to fame at the time of Piggate, with stunning punch of acoustic political satire that was Pigs Mouth Strikes Again? No? Well, yeah, it won't hurt to refresh your memory.

Well, with the run up to the EU, the mastermind behind this masterpiece has been busy - very busy. But not sticking just within the realms of the Smiths. Oh, no.
Below is a series of EU based satires with sharp puns and even sharper lyrics. I don't really think much more needs to be added other than the embeds, so spend your time listening to them, giving Primeministerial Scream a go, and then, y'know, do what has to be done and stick it to Farage, Boris et al.

Words: Calum Cashin