18 May 2016

Starwheel / Drip Feed/Broken Glass (single review)

Starwheel are a young psych band based in the midlands whose teething demos we reviewed a year ago, now arriving with a fully fledged single (with a pretty damn good b-side too) to make their mark on the British music scene. Their sound is a perfect mish-mash of lotsa the greatest bands of all time, and the product of this is ultimately some of the most mesmerising, spaced-out psychedelic pop you'll hear.

The A-side Drip Feed adds a really cosmic organ to a guitar sound that makes it sound like a particularly polished Brian Jonestown Massacre number, touched by influences of shoegaze and space-rock. It's the perfect balance of lively and energetic, and psychically relaxing, in the way that all good astral pop songs are - it's just an enchanting little number really.

The B-side is a similar, slightly less focused affair, by the name of Broken Glass. But the fact it's less structured, instead of being a drawback, just allows the song to meander its way to slow dripping psychedelic euphoria. Again, it balances that brilliant cosmic organ song with psychedelic guitar parts to make something that sounds ever so beautifully spaced out. It cries out it with influence from bands like Ride, the Dandy Warhols and Moon Duo, which can only be the best of things.

Words: Calum Cashin