27 May 2016

Unknown Mortal Orchestra / First World Problem (single review)

The first new material since their brilliant, bright third record Multi-Love, Unknown Mortal Orchestra yesterday unleashed a single called First World Problem unto the world yesterday.  It's business as usual, in that it's a brilliant, bounding number of off-kilter pop - and like quite a few bits on Multi-Love, it's pretty batshit too.

The first thing you hear is this invasive Ornette Coleman-style sax, before the band really get this kinda classic UMO groove on. To me, I think, like a lotta sounds are coming at you at once, and Ruban and co are somehow managing to shape the chaos into one brilliant, cohesive groove, and to me, this means that the track's just a point of endless fascination.

Of the track, Ruban Nielson said: "I think First World Problem is about modern love in a crumbling empire. The feeling that you're trying to build your life and get what you need while a decadent world falls apart around you." So at risk of sounding too pretentious, it carries on the theme of it being a kinda postmodern critique of love in the 21st century - like I kinda felt Multi-Love was - and an effective one at that. Anyhow, make up your mind yourself, because being a music journalist is pointless and vapid, the track's below...

Words: Calum Cashin