8 Jun 2016

5 Reasons Hinds Should Be Your New Favourite Band

Now I'm not sure if I'm qualified to say this, but Hinds are probably one of the most exciting bands around right now. they have had a pretty rollercoaster year and a half, beginning 2015 by changing their name from Deers to Hinds because of legal reasons.  Then came their first world tour, their brill debut album, and yet another massive tour.  And now I'm about to give you five more reasons you are going to love them...

They aren't the best singers (and why that's a good thing)
They only began to learn the guitar about a year and a half before they started the band, and, especially in their earlier eps, they just sound like a couple of drunk teenagers just having a good time.  It's infectious, and is reminiscent of lazy summer days.  Frankly, not many people are great singers today, especially not on the indie/garage rock scene. Their ramshackle sound and nonchalant nature manages to pull it off anyway, and listening to them, you feel like you just want to join the party.

The amazing cover that is Davey Crockett
Released as a split single with fellow Madrid band The Parrots, this is really a song for a party.  Brilliant as the original is, Hinds somehow manage to muster a certain something that the Thee Headcoatees couldn't.  Whether it's the thick Spansh accents, the production of Árni Árnason of the Vaccines, or the modified guitar solo, Hinds' version manages to sound fuller and more exuberant than the former.  The video is also the perfect European summer stereotype.

They know how to party
Seeing them live was everything I'd anticipated it would and a lot more.  The first on the setlist, an unreleased single called Curling, saw guitarist Ana Perrote on the kazoo, and showed a darker side to them that we haven't previously seen.  During the guitar solos people would sing along, as their passion was so contagious that everyone just wanted to have a part in the music.  The highlight was the mass stage invasion at their spontaneous encore (a rare sight!) of Davey Crockett, where they just about managed to remain onstage along side about a third of the audience.

They understand!
It's not always high spirits at camp hinds, though; they can produce a cracking  sad love song too.  I'll Be Your Man is dreamy and nostalgic (and breaks those pesky gender roles too - yay!), and And I will Send your Flowers Back is heartbreaking and beautiful, while being strong enough to not make you feel sorry for the narrator.  Where other songs on the album are angsty and rebellious, these show more of a venerable side to Hinds.

They just released a new single 
Easy is the band's latest offering, which is a bitter, angry song about the point in a relationship where "you can't help but self destruct".  The video is not for the squeamish: it sees the band covered in ruined make up, what looks like spaghetti, chain-smoking and generally looking very Cool.  It also continues their soft spot for spraying themselves various metallic colours (see: the Davey Crockett vid), and manages to get across the emotions that have gone into the song.

There is lots of buzz surrounding this band, and rightly so.  Their irrepressible passion and vivacious manner are seeing them lead the thriving garage-rock scene in Madrid and take the rest of the world by storm in the process.

Words: Martha Storey