6 Jun 2016

Kit Trigg / Thrasher (EP review)

Kit Trigg are a London based 2 piece with a weighty arsenal of heavy stoner rock and blues infused tunes. They are an all out assault, as if the musical embodiment of WW1 Trench warfare were a thing. And before we go any further… fuck Royal Blood.

Following a handful of acclaimed Soundcloud releases, Kit Trigg have unleashed the Thrasher EP- a 15 minute unrelenting monsoon of fuzz and possibly the most aggressive drums I’ve ever heard on record. It’s comparable to getting your face repeatedly broken over and over and over again but in a way that after a while it starts to feel good and you like the pain. To be clear, from the first bar of the opener Thrasher, you are dipped headfirst into the thoughts of Kit Trigg and let me assure you, you won’t hear anything this year that gets it’s point across better than this release.

Throughout the 4 tracks, Kit’s vocals remain utterly impeccable with a tinge of Country style delivery. Nic Sleight’s percussion work is some of the tightest and ‘vibey’ I’ve ever come across but the virtuosic torture of a Fender Strat really steals the show.

If you like rock, blues, pop, country, metal, stoner, indie or grunge then you absolutely have to check out this EP now. I’m genuinely considering selling everything I own and betting all the cash on Kit Trigg topping Reading’s bill within 5 years.

Words: Oscar Sault