12 Jun 2016

Lola Colt / Moonlight Mixing (single review)

Taken from their second LP Twist Through The Fire, Lola Colt's new single Moonlight Mixing is a pummelling example of psychedelic pop at its finest. It's upbeat, it's catchy, and it combines subtle organ stabs, rumbling bass parts and pretty soulful vocals to create something a kind of pop music with a dark mysticism. It's a direct, noisy number, and it toys with chaos and beauty so well that you can't help but fall for it.

It's the second track to come from LP2. after the menacing Gold blew our minds last month. Lola Colt are one of the most exciting bands there is, and this album - out July 1st - should blow us all away. If you're into psych, experimental pop, or any of the inbetweens, give Lola Colt a whirl...

Words: Calum Cashin