19 Jun 2016

PREMIERE | Jellyskin's frosty debut single Grey Glass Hat

Who are Jellyskin, you might ask if you've clicked this post on a whim wondering what kinda shenanigans it is we're previewing. Well, Jellyskin are a transcendental three piece from eeds who have just unveiled their debut single, Grey Glass Hat. Mixing undulating dream-pop tones, with forlorn vocals, they create a sound that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a cold, winter morning (in the best way possible).

Kate Bush, The Cure and Broadcast all spring to mind as influences as Grey Glass Hat meanders through its four minute runtime. Vocals are icy, distant and beautiful in their own hibernal way, and ambiential guitars just put you into a dreamlike trance. It's the first effort for Jellyskin, but you've gotta be sure where they go next is pretty interesting...

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Words: Calum Cashin