15 Jun 2016

Psyblings @ Dot To Dot Manchester (live review)

Psyblings are a lively Manchester based psych-rock band which is made up of Greg Dixon, Ellis Cullen, Dan Coleman, Jordan Lythgoe and Sam Bullock. Their sound is unavoidably and unapologetically noisy in its’ nature, and this was only further amplified by the fact that they were playing in the tiny upstairs bar of 57 Thomas Street in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The band were one of the first to perform on the day, and despite being amongst many more experienced and more well-known acts, their set was still very much memorable in the midst of these. Throughout their short performance, the room was filled with fast distorted guitar chords which were complimented by lead singer Greg Dixon’s vocals – the culmination of which almost veered towards punk at times, before slipping back into an overall prevailing psych heavy vibe. Although the music alone was well pronounced and deserves praise in itself, one of the things which made the gig stand out most was actually the extremely passionate and self-assured stage presence of Dixon.

Although the band are in their infancy (if you want to listen to them, currently SoundCloud is your best option), they are soon to release their debut single Where’s your moon? on 5th July, and have been adding a number of live performances such as those at Manchester Psych Fest and Warrington Music Festival to their list. It’s pretty clear that the band are beginning to receive more attention and are starting to build a fanbase – all of which is well deserved if their performance at Manchester’s Dot to Dot festival is anything to go by.

Words: Katie Hockey