6 Jun 2016

Psycho Comedy / One (single review)

I don't really need to go into the reasons why the Merseyside is a great historical hotbed for psychedelia, that's been done re: The Beatles (as well as The Teardrop Explodes and Echo & the Bunnymen) before. But here's the future of Merseyside psychedelia. They're a five-piece called Psycho Comedy, and bring together elements of snotty, snarling garage with noisier and more tripped out psych rock. On Friday they released their Gil Norton (Doolittle, Ocean Rain) produced debut single, and it really flags them up as the psychedelic prophets of the future.

Their latest single One, has this bounding momentum that gives the song a constant jumping quality as its six minute duration goes on and on into whirring psychotropic bliss. Guitars do everything you need guitars to do on a gnostic guitar-based modern day classic - they act as melodic lynchpins, they create fuzz-feedback nebulae with whirls and swirls of reverb, and they give the whole track an initial feel of batshit Stooge-punk with their initial raucous noise that kicks the track off.

One sees the band's frontman sound like an embryonic Mick Jagger, and with all the instrumental brilliance - which throws together the influences of Syd Barrett, The BJM and The Stooges together in a sizzling bundle of psychedelic marvel - it really creates one of the best psychedelic debut singles I've heard in a while. And I hear a lot of psychedelic debut singles. You can only really avidly watch the band for further developments from here, because you know where they go just won't be boring.

Words: Calum Cashin