3 Jun 2016

Spring King @ Dot To Dot Manchester (live review)

Spring King are a Manchester 4 piece consisting of Tarek Musa, Peter Darlington, James Green and Andy Morton – having originally been a solo project of Tarek’s. With Dot to Dot having kicked off at around 4pm, Spring King were one of the last bands to play that day with a start time of 12.15am, meaning it was a late one (which was even further delayed by some technical difficulties). Despite this, the enthusiasm of the band and the crowd was unmissable throughout the set. This is impressive when you consider the fact that the Central Methodist had a strict no alcohol policy, and had become an 18+ venue for the bands set - inevitably meaning many potential fans were unable to attend.
Tarek is somewhat unusually both the drummer and the frontman of the band and unexpectedly, this actually works. Despite the slightly shorter than intended set, Spring King managed to rattle off several of their older hits such as Mumma whilst also including some of their very recently released singles like Detroit and The Summer, before eventually ending with Rectifier, which amalgamated itself with a large portion of the front of the crowd forming an anarchic pit. The intense and punchy drumming of Tarek, along with the catchy choruses which could be heard echoing throughout the crowd are indicative of a band who whilst not wholly original in their ideas or delivery, are at the very least fun.

Spring King are a chaotic band whose guitar heavy and garage-rock infused indie manages to command your attention, beckoning you to chant along, even after what has been a day packed full of other amazing acts. The band are due to play at Band on the Wall in Manchester on June 10th in order to celebrate the same day release of their debut album Tell Me If You Like To.  

Words: Kate Hockey