17 Jul 2016

Blood Orange / Freetown Sound (album review)

Dev Hynes, rising from Ilford to being one of the most respected producers currently working, brings Blood Orange’s third full length album, Freetown Sound, a feat in collaboration and soundscape.

While maintaining a sound familiar to that of Coastal Grooves and Cupid Deluxe, Freetown Sound seems rather more purposeful, more forceful, not only in its coherency, but also its message, with Hynes himself saying the album is a culmination of his experience of racial tensions in today’s political climate.

16 Jul 2016

And with that, the Bestival line-up is complete

Already the most diverse, and by extension, exciting line up to grace UK shores, Bestival's line up has been completed by the Sunday night headliners' announcement of Wiz Khalifa and Sean Paul. The pair are going to close the Isle of Wight's best festival, and look to be the cherry on the top of the best festival left this year.

14 Jul 2016

Let's Work: Mick Jagger's Thatcherite Musical Sin

The 60s. The epitome of counter culture, or so we're told. The decade where the white middle class male was able to temporarily adopt an attitude of vague radicalism. I know that there were great cultural strides achieved throughout the 60s. Most notably the ever increasing push for racial equality. However the late 60s hippie movement largely operated as a privileged lifestyle choice for young people who grew up in well off households. It was an experiment, and one which many opted out of by the end of the decade. There were fantastic aspects about the culture, but let's not treat it as if it was the apex of western civilisation. 

12 Jul 2016

Vapour Trail's Top 20 Albums of 2016, So Far

It's the start of July. You know what that means? We're halfway through 2016. You know, that year that took away David Bowie from us. And Prince. And Muhammed Ali. And Johan Cruyff for that matter. But despite the big deaths, 2016 has seen the release of some brilliant music. Electric. Incredible. From the very first Album Release Day of the year (which saw Hinds' debut released as well as David Bowie's eternal Blackstar masterpiece) to last month, which saw such gems as Cat's Eyes new album and Kristin Control's debut record released, there's been a constant flow of brilliant albums. So, without further ado, here's our favourite records of the year so far.

LeeFest: The Neverland | A Preview

“The ultimate party” – NME
During the long hot summer of 2006, Lee Denny’s parents left him alone in the house whilst they went on a well-deserved holiday. Aged 16, Lee thought an ingenious solution would be to have a festival in the garden. Ten years later, LeeFest is going strong, returning this year for a summer celebration like no other. Ahead of the festivities, here are our top 10 picks from the fantastic musical line-up.