30 Aug 2016

Rough Trade Shops present: Heroes Vol. 1 (1976 - 2016) / Album Review

Compilation albums have never sat well with me. From early memories of “Now” and “Pop Party” CDs at fifth birthday parties, to my parents' collection of dodgy latin Morrissey and Arctic Monkeys covers, any respect I ever had for them has been pretty much destroyed. After recently picking up a reggae one at a record shop that didn’t include any Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff but did feature Rihanna’s “Work”, I was a little sick in my mouth, and I thought it best I stick to singular artist shit. However, post-punk label Rough Trade’s “Heroes Vol. 1 (1976 - 2016)”, has pleasantly surprised me, as the most interesting and bizarre collection of songs I’ve stumbled upon for a while.

18 Aug 2016


Are you a fan of Pok√©mon, kebabs, flavour themed songs or amusing band names? Yes? Then you need to get a slice of zesty up-and-comers Get Inuit in your life my friend. The Kent quartet have been dotting their way around the country this year, stirring fields nationwide with their energetic festie slots, as well as hitting the road with VANT and Spring King and then some. With a tasty new single streaming right at this very second, here's a wee chat we had with guitarist Jamie and drummer Rob when we visited their home turf at LeeFest last month. 

12 Aug 2016

Norwich Sound & Vision Festival Announce New Names

From Live at Leeds to Dot to Dot to Brighton's world renowned Great Escape, multi-venue festivals are the blockbuster weekends that so many of us wait for patiently for most of the year. Often overlooked is Norwich Sound & Vision Festival, by far the best of its kind the East of England, and improving with every edition. A host of new artists have been freshly announced for this year's weekend, which takes place in October, so without further ado, here are our top 10 picks from the line-up.


L-R: Rob Mason, George Edwards, Theresa Jarvis, Alex Cosby
Brighton quartet Yonaka first made waves on the indie scene at the end of last year, spurred by ‘Run’, an unforgiving debut track that grinds and crunches in places, and floats gracefully in others. ‘Ignorance’ followed with a similar sense of intemperance, dismissing any suggestion that this band don’t have something special about them, and a consistent something at that. Now, they’re readying an EP, which will surely see them skyrocket to big things from the wings they’ve been patiently waiting in. Pre-show in Norwich last month, we nabbed them for a drink and a chat.

11 Aug 2016

To have it all and still want more... In Memory of The Maccabees

Monday, 8th August 2016 will forever be known as a sad day in the music world. After 14 years, I was shocked and distraught to discover that everyone’s favourite indie rock band, The Maccabees, had announced their split. They said in a statement what an “incredibly difficult” decision it had been and that they are proud to part ways on their own terms.

1 Aug 2016

LeeFest: The Neverland | Reviewed

On an intense July weekend, Kendal Calling, Standon Calling and Y Not filled the fields of Britain with a wash of sweat, piss and rock music, but it was a rural corner of Kent that drew our attention. That corner, my friends, is Leefest. Now in its tenth year, the three-day bash started out as the brainchild of one Lee Denny, who aged sixteen threw a festival in his back garden when his parents went on holiday. This year, some of the country’s hottest new musical talents joined a uniquely immersive programme of live performance, art, theatre and more. Here’s what we made of it all.