26 Sep 2016

A Farewell to John Coffey

A farewell to John Coffey – one of the best punk bands around. 

In between The Maccabees breaking up, Bombay Bicycle Club going on hiatus and Augustines giving up the ghost due to financial troubles, you might have noticed we’ve lost quite a lot of promising, (relatively) young bands this year. That said, you’re probably not aware that Dutch punk band John Coffey are breaking up too. Well, consider this post your chance to rectify that, since they are (or as I should say in a few days, were) absolutely brilliant.

Skin / Lucid (single review)

After their great debut EP earlier this year as a two piece, Bristol outfit Skin have evolved. With the addition of a bassist, they're heavier, louder and meatier, all of which is evident on Lucid

18 Sep 2016

Best of Bestival #2 | Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean are a dream-pop band much in the same vane as DIIV or Beach Fossils; but don't let that fool you, and well, if you're not that way inclined, don't let that put you off - they're loud, intense and dangerous. Sunflower Bean are a fucking force. A power trio revolving around the shared vocal duties of ferocious bassist Julia Cumming and dream-pop dream boy guitarist Nick Kivlen, they take the wishy washy, dreamy melodies of their NYC contemporaries, and hammer them out in the most extreme, unforgiving way imaginable. During their 45 minute teatime Bestival slot, the band were just otherworldly, almost singlehandedly deafening me and hundreds of other spectators.

17 Sep 2016

10 New Music Gems You May Have Missed This Summer

Festival fields on lazy afternoons can be the perfect place to discover new music, but staying alert for up and coming acts is never really anyone’s priority during the rest of summer. So without further ado, prepare to feast your eyes and ears on 10 of the most exciting new tracks you may have missed over the last few months.
L-R: Girli, Lucia Fontaine, Oscar, Blaenavon, Clean Cut Kid

16 Sep 2016

Deap Vally | Femejism (album review)

Feminists around the globe rejoice. Deap Vally are back and more enraged than ever. Femejism is a modern day battle cry for girls, the perfect follow up to their 2013 debut Sistronix. This time round, everything is louder, angrier and dirtier. 

Little Baby Beauty Queen is reminiscent of early Led Zeppelin tracks (without the plagiarism) and Smile More is a mighty fuck you to the faces of misogynists everywhere. Midway through the record, Critic allows for a few calm minutes before Post Funk launches us back into the world of aggressive anthems we know and love. This record proves that Deap Vally had no problem beating the ‘difficult second album' curse; Femejism is the older, leather clad sister of Sistronix, who sneaks out in the dead of night and chain smokes in dirty bars. It’s empowering, it’s punk and most of all, it’s honest. Behind the face-melting melodies, this album tells of stories that all girls deal with, and that’s what takes it to the next level. Plus, it includes the lyric ‘snapchat, sex and cigarettes.’ A truly momentous record.

Words: Poppy Marriott

14 Sep 2016

Best of Bestival #1 | Aldous RH

The Jagerhouse, a surreal 100 cap-box at the top of the Bestival site, was one of the best alcohol adverts to bless human eyes since the Guinness advert with the dominoes. On Sunday night, whilst Sean Paul was sauntering around, providing a musical low pressure area on the landscape, Manc five piece Aldous RH took to the Jagerhouse stage. Don't let the fact that their audience was genuinely about a thousandth of the size of ol' Sean Paul's, Aldous RH were a thousand times better than anyone else on any of the other stages. 

13 Sep 2016

Bestival | A Review

Bestival boasted the most diverse, and - let's be real here - best, lineup of any of this years Summer festivals. The Isle of Wight played host to acts from all spheres of music, as grime, shoegaze and pop overcame the mud to deliver some of the best music we've heard all year. Of all the festivals, this one did pretty much the best job of representing the music tastes of young people, whilst providing more than enough to class to reel in an older fanbase too.

On a site that boasts more alpacas than any other festival (I've not researched this fact and I'd like to be proved wrong). as well as countless quirky places that boom music out late into the night, Bestival has it's own really distinctive feel. Public art hung from trees in the Ambient Forest, sculptures of spaceships overwhelmed the Port stage area, and of course, the theme of 'The Future' was apparent throughout the whole of the site. The site was pretty incredible, but the music on offer was so damn good that it was easy to completely forget that the site was veering on the magical.

5 Sep 2016

A Playlist to Start Your September Right

It's September. The festivals are over, the education system is rearing its ugly head and summer is effectively over. Boo hoo. But hold on a second, my downbeat amigo, don't despair. There is still a ton of exciting new music in the world for you to check out and keep that summer spirit alive and well. Here are 10 new music picks to help you start your September right. Listen to all the tracks after the jump...

3 Sep 2016

A Very Bestival Playlist

Bestival will bring all things cosmic to the Isle of Wight this weekend, as hundreds of acts descend on a wholly unique festival. Every year, the IOW's best festival (probably where the name comes from) delivers music of all sorts to the shores, combining every genre from grime to shoegaze, right into your ears. 

We're gonna hit Bestival this week, and if you are too, here's a playlist to get you in the mood, starting with a track regular readers might know all too well.

2 Sep 2016

Everything Everything, Black Honey To Play All Day London Party

Indie force of nature Everything Everything are set to headline an all day party in London this month, hosted by Chicago brewer Goose Island. The one day event held at Shoreditch’s RED Market on September 24th will bring the spirit of Chicago to East London, giving beer lovers a line up of dynamic bands, local street food and the chance to try some of Goose Island’s award-winning beverages, alongside some rare tappings courtesy of a ‘Vintage Tap Room’. 

Fresh from a hugely successful run of festival dates, including an awe-inspiring performance at Leefest in Kent, Everything Everything will bring their sublime, genre-defying show to the evening. As they close the 'Get To Heaven' era, it will be a final opportunity to catch the group live before they head off to work on their fourth LP. In the meantime, they've debuted a new single - check out 'I Believe It Now', a simmering pop number clinched together with Jonathan Higgs' unmistakeable vocal.

1 Sep 2016


How many festivals did you go to this summer? Two, three at the most? Surely nowhere near as many as Liverpool bright sparks Clean Cut Kid, who when they haven’t been blitzing it in the studio, have played at almost 30 weekenders this season. Impressive, right? We joined Mike, Evelyn, Ross and Saul for a quick pre-show natter in the tour van at Leefest, somewhere between Latitude and Reading on their seemingly endless gig schedule.