5 Sep 2016

A Playlist to Start Your September Right

It's September. The festivals are over, the education system is rearing its ugly head and summer is effectively over. Boo hoo. But hold on a second, my downbeat amigo, don't despair. There is still a ton of exciting new music in the world for you to check out and keep that summer spirit alive and well. Here are 10 new music picks to help you start your September right. Listen to all the tracks after the jump...

Clean Cut Kid - We Used To Be In Love
The title track from the Liverpool foursome's debut EP (released this week) is a bittersweet pop number that mixes glossy synths with irresistible guitar melodies. During their packed festival schedule of almost 30 dates, they invited us into their tour van for a beer and a chat. Catch them on tour next month and supporting Courteeners in November, for some pure indie pop fun. Plus, read our interview with the band from last month, where they talk about their ambitious plans for the future.

Declan McKenna - Isombard
London songwriter Declan McKenna gets better with every release. On this, his fourth single, retro keyboards spiral youthfully around mature and observational lyrics; "It's basically about this right wing Fox News-type TV presenter trying to justify things like police brutality and xenophobia", he told DIY. There's also a neat video from his time on the road to check out too. He supports Blossoms this month across the UK, with a headline show at The Nambucca on October 6th.

Partybaby - Everything's All Right
Yeah, let's up the energy a bit. Hailing from Los Angeles, this duo dropped their fiery sort-of-EP, sort-of-album this week; 'The Golden Age of Bullshit' is a (brilliantly titled) eight track heap of scuzzy, spunky attitude with huge riffs bursting from all sides. There's punk pop essences too, in part thanks to Jamie Schefman's ex-day job as a techie for Thirty Seconds to Mars, but it's mostly an angsty, surf rock explosion from a band we're already eager to hear more of.

Baby Strange - Pure Evil
From one baby to another, it's Glasgow garage rockers Baby Strange. Since emerging into the spotlight in 2013 it's been a long and winding road for the grungey trio, but their debut album 'Want It Need It' finally lands a release this week. 'Pure Evil' is a bitesize chunk of what this band are about; churning verses, hooks galore and guitars that bite like there's no tomorrow. Catch them in London, Manchester and Newcastle this month as well as various venues across Scotland - all the details on Facebook.

Beach Baby - U R
Another baby, another album. Weird, huh? This dreamy London quartet released their first album 'No Mind No Money' on Friday after a long string of upbeat, reverb heavy singles. Originally given a single release but given a brush up for the album, 'U R' has a wistful, singalong chorus and instrumentation like a breath of fresh air. Check the rest of the album out on your streaming service of choice, then buy a ticket to their upcoming UK tour. You'll thank us, really.

Public Access TV - End Of An Era
Back stateside we go, this time stopping in New York for a spot of post-punk/new wave goodness from Public Access TV (a.k.a. the trendiest kids on the block). Since touring the UK with the likes of Hinds and Palma Violets, they've put together a self-titled debut album, out on Cinematic Records September 30th. Plus - you guessed it - they're touring too, stopping in nine of our best cities to show us how it's done across the pond.

Everything Everything - I Believe It Now
2015 masterpiece 'Get To Heaven' was this Manchester bunch's third album, and their most critically acclaimed to date. Now, they're leaving that era behind them and heading off to produce more of their fantastic oddball indie pop, but not without giving the fans a goodbye gift in the form of this bouncy number.

Sundara Karma - She Said
So they're not very Vapour Trail - you know it, we know it - but Sundara Karma's latest effort is the swaggering belter we need to shut the door on summer in style. With a more britpop oriented sound than its single predecessors, 'She Said' is a pop single done right, with frontman Oscar Lulu's velvety vocals flowing softly over playful guitars. Try and stop those hips from shaking baby. Good stuff.

Drones Club - Feel No Pain
Acid-house anarchy is this mysterious collective's game. Not a lot's known about Drones Club, but one thing's for sure: their music is fucking incredible. Taken from the 'Rasa' EP, 'Feel No Pain' writhes and pulsates like a wild beast in a synthetic frenzy of electro madness. Expect big things from this group who look set for a dynamic future, and see them live at Camden's Kamio in a few weeks.

Amanda Palmer - On the Door
Fuck it, let's leave things on a bonkers note. Rockstar cabaret icon Amanda Palmer recruits some celebrity buddies for eight minutes of "pure tongue-in-cheek dance-mania absurdity", in which she confronts the infamous artist dilemma of people trying to get on the guestlist for her shows. As she writes on her blog, "we [Palmer and Aussie singer/songwriter Brendan Maclean] kept thinking of ridiculous people to add to our absurd list of 'obnoxious guestlist-needing friends'". That includes, spoiler alert, Mike Posner, Reggie Watts, Sarah Silverman, Palmer's husband Neil Gaiman and a host of other random celebrities. It's probably a marmite track, so if you love it then nice one. Just don't go asking Amanda for free gig tickets...

Words: Alex Cabré