16 Sep 2016

Deap Vally | Femejism (album review)

Feminists around the globe rejoice. Deap Vally are back and more enraged than ever. Femejism is a modern day battle cry for girls, the perfect follow up to their 2013 debut Sistronix. This time round, everything is louder, angrier and dirtier. 

Little Baby Beauty Queen is reminiscent of early Led Zeppelin tracks (without the plagiarism) and Smile More is a mighty fuck you to the faces of misogynists everywhere. Midway through the record, Critic allows for a few calm minutes before Post Funk launches us back into the world of aggressive anthems we know and love. This record proves that Deap Vally had no problem beating the ‘difficult second album' curse; Femejism is the older, leather clad sister of Sistronix, who sneaks out in the dead of night and chain smokes in dirty bars. It’s empowering, it’s punk and most of all, it’s honest. Behind the face-melting melodies, this album tells of stories that all girls deal with, and that’s what takes it to the next level. Plus, it includes the lyric ‘snapchat, sex and cigarettes.’ A truly momentous record.

Words: Poppy Marriott