26 Sep 2016

Skin / Lucid (single review)

After their great debut EP earlier this year as a two piece, Bristol outfit Skin have evolved. With the addition of a bassist, they're heavier, louder and meatier, all of which is evident on Lucid

This track has massive choruses, colossal riffs and a touch of feedback which is just the icing on the cake. Lucid is driven by Oj’s solid yet melodic guitar, whilst showcasing Ezra’s skilful drumming and Ethan’s unstoppable bass. With these three elements combined the outcome is a gigantic yet mature and refined sound.

Along with the sound, the lyrics have great maturity; “My feeble attempts to love you are not what you see”, Oj laments, every word perfectly complementing his sauntering vocals. In the track there are great contrasts between the mellow softness in the verses with the ferocious and snarling choruses.

Lucid is evidence of the transition Skin have made as a band, from a new and fresh teenage group to a band of experienced, incredibly talented musicians that are heading for immense success. Judging by this track, their upcoming EP ‘Darkwave’ is going to be absolutely insane!

Words: Isobel McLeod