16 Oct 2016

Gang's 'Dead' Is Their Most Confrontational (And Brilliant) Track Yet

GANG are a loud, confrontational sludge rock band from the south coast, who've always seemed a bright prospect. But with their latest number, the caustic Dead, the band have actualised their dark, doomy sound. Dead is a dark song, arriving after a self organised tour of the UK and the smashing grebo 7' Animalia, and is almost certainly Gang's best song yet. GANG have a sound just like The Wytches, but replace the almost cinematic imagery of the Peterborough band with unashamedly dark lyrics that sound every bit as rough as the Sabbath-style guitar riffage.

"You're all dying, right now," a spoken word intro from frontman Eric Tormey decrees. The song's subject matter is about as heavy as it gets in this contingent of heavy guitar rock: "it's only human to feel this way," Tormey cries. The idea for this song actually arrived as part of a panic-induced "epiphany", and it's really obvious here that the track is born from the utmost darkest moments of the human experience.

GANG are touring with Wand later next month, make sure to catch them!


Words: Cal Cashin