13 Oct 2016

Husky Loops: Probably Your New Favourite Band

Husky Loops arrive in London, students of music, 15 years after the members of the three piece first met at school in Bologna, Italy. Uncompromisingly experimental for a three piece guitar band, they're one of the capital's most exciting emerging artists, and it's only a matter of time before you fall as in love with them as me. A mix of outta control guitars, rumbling basslines and invasive sampling, they create what are essentially panic attacks you can dance to. Not sound like a suitable description to you? Listen to their latest track below, and you'll agree with me 100%.

Their latest track, Fighting Myself, is a prime example of some of the most interesting modern post-punk you'll ever hear. Starting with an upbeat, danceable bassline, squalls of feedback and samples of raw, gritty noise just bring it into a whole new world altogether. The breakdown, the descent into chaos, leaves you - the dazzled listener - in complete disarray, as the band so seamlessly blend threatening electronic noises with the kinda clean shaven post-punk we're used to hearing from Ought or Krill.

Words: Cal Cashin