8 Oct 2016

Jono Ma's Sorted Out Warpaint's New Song With A Transformative Remix

Look, the new Warpaint album is really something that I couldn't feel more indifferent to if I tried. Warpaint are a cool band, who've put out lots of great records, but their latest didn't do it for me. It was decidedly less dreamy than Warpaint, and in parts literally sounded like one of those boring Maccabees-like indie bands, just with better vocals. And that ain't what I signed up for when I became a fan of the quartet.

However, today, Jono Ma, one of the members of Aussie psych-pop turned tropi-techno wizard unit Jagwar Ma, unveiled a remix of New Song (the really dull track they keep playing on radio 6) that completely transforms it into the transportative wondrous dream-pop numbers that have got Warpaint that rep they carry around so proudly. At 8 over minutes, it pretty much doubles in length, as Ma takes you on a winding motorik journey, soundbedded by the dreamy voices we can expect on a Warpaint song. Medium paced steady beats and some frankly brilliant attention to detail that sees oscillating synths and psychedelic shimmer transform this track as it struts on its merry way to euphoria. This remix of New Song takes a track I personally couldn't stomach on first listen, prises it apart, and takes its skeletal best bits, combined with Ma's own penchant for being able to put the feeling of euphoria onto record.

Quite frankly, Jono Ma has made this sound like a slightly more indie Jagwar Ma track, and done away with the only thing I'm not a million percent in love with about the Aussie band (nasal Tame Impala-style vocals), and almost replaced them with the perfect ethedra of Emily Kokal's ethereal calls. Anyhow, it's embedded below, so crank it up and fall into a daze with Jono Ma's remix of New Song...

Words: Cal Cashin