28 Oct 2016

Minor Victories Are Up To Something Really Exciting

Hey! Hey! You! You! Remember MINOR VICTORIES? A group that burst onto the scene earlier this year. Well, a supergroup, I might add. Members of Slowdive, Mogwai and Editors combining to make something that sounds exactly like their parent bands fused together in some kinda shoegaze Frankenstein experiment. They released their self titled debut earlier this year, and have already announced a return; January 2017 will see the band release an album of orchestral variations of their debut, and as pretentious as this sounds, you can already tell with the inception of first track Cogs that the album's just begging to be handed over to an orchestra.

Cogs, which you can hear below, is the opening track from Orchestral Variations. A luscious marriage of that haunting piano line and some cinematic strings, this is 6 minutes of startling beauty that very few bands are capable of containing within their music. Although, let's be honest, Rachel Goswell and Stuart Braithwaite between them are responsible for a very large portion of the most beautiful guitar music to come from Britain's shores over the past 25 years.

Anyhow, this looks set to be a beautiful release, and if Cogs is anything to go by, it might even be a more compelling listen than the band's debut...

hear the track;

(Words: Cal Cashin)