25 Oct 2016

NAOTD #2: The Big Moon Are All Set To Go Interstellar

Photo: Press / Charlotte Patmore
Okay, I'm not suggesting you haven't heard of The Big Moon because frankly if you haven't turned your ear to this rampageously charming four-piece, where the hell have you been living? No, this post is more a word of encouragement for you to get your butt to a gig venue very soon to catch Juliette, Soph, Fern and Celia in a small venue before they inevitably hit it big time come 2017. This month at Cambridge Junction, we got personal with frontwoman Juliette Jackson. Be warned, it gets naughty.

How's the tour been going?
This tour’s been really nice because for the whole summer we were doing festivals and recording at the same time, but now we’re just on tour, so all you have to think about is just being at the venue on time and just being a really good performer. I’m choosing my outfits and really enjoying playing without any decisions to make about important things that might go on your album, or emails to send or anything like that. 

Have you learnt a lot from playing alongside Mystery Jets?
Definitely. I’m learning a lot of good stage banter from them, they’ve got a very good thing going on there. I’m even just lifting whole paragraphs that they say so that they then can’t say it when they come on after us. They told me to always tell the audience that they look hot, so I’m doing that a lot.

Video: Louise Latimer

Tell us about this video from End of the Road festival this summer.
My boyfriend Max runs a thing at festivals every summer called the Secret Post Office. It’s this crew of about ten people who all dress in a postie uniform with red braces and a bow tie and long socks, and they go and deliver letters to tents. It’s free; you write a letter or a hate mail or whatever and you can address it to ‘the man in the hat watching Blaenavon at this stage’, then the postie has to go and find them. I was being a postie this year because it’s quite fun running around looking for people and delivering them letters, and then they offered to make up a dance routine and came on stage with us. It was amazing! I’d love to have it in the act regularly. I felt so good when those posties were behind me, stomping up and down. They were vibrating the stage. I felt like I had an army of posties.

What are some of your other highlights from this year?
I took magic mushrooms for the first time which was probably the highlight of my year. Not even joking. I guess that’s more of a personal thing than a band thing, but it was at Glastonbury, and I was there because of the band. So that was really an accessory to the mushroom taking. I would recommend it to everyone, but only take a little bit because I was really scared it would make me go loopy. Another thing that happened recently was I learnt how to wolf whistle! I’ve only done it like three times and every time I’ve tried it I can’t do it. This is like a ‘look Mum!’ moment. [Whistles softly]. I did it! Was that not as loud to you as it was in my head? I can’t do it any more. I’ve been in the van trying to do it all day. I was biting my fingers. They hurt a bit now. Good to learn new stuff though.

Here's a terrible wannabe music journalist idea. Tell us if you're 'big' or if you'd 'moon' (in a negative way, not a cheeky way) some topical stuff. Quality entertainment. 

Mystery Jets. Big on them. I listened to them when I was younger which makes it extra weird going on tour with them. But the good kind of weird. My favourite song is Two Doors Down, which is everyone’s favourite really, but it’s just such a perfect pop song. They’ve got so many good ones.

Brexit. Moon! Oh man, I was at Glastonbury when that happened. We went to this little dance tent where Joe Goddard from Hot Chip was DJ’ing. At midnight he went ‘Oh my god everyone, the UK has voted to stay in the EU!’ and everybody went completely batshit. We all dropped pills, we were like 'this is brilliant. We’re staying in the EU, we’re at Glastonbury and it’s stopped raining, this is the best night of my life!' Danced all night, had a great time, and when we finally went back to our tents my friend checked her phone and said ‘you know what, they haven’t actually stopped counting yet and it looks like it's the other way’. It was one of those things that was in the news so much that I just stopped being interested in it. Or I think I found myself refreshing The Guardian constantly and just stopped reading the news for two weeks to feel like a better person. But then you come back to it and it’s all still shit. 

Tropical Rubicon, as in the lyric from Cupid. Big. Actually, there isn’t such thing as tropical Rubicon. There is a pineapple and coconut Rubicon but it’s quite hard to find. That lyric's more about a friend of mine who was drinking pineapple juice to make his cum taste nice before a date. I just like the idea of instead of getting Dutch courage from drinking alcohol, getting Dutch courage from drinking Rubicon.

Halloween. I like Halloween, but I don’t like going out on Halloween. Last year on Halloween we did a gig at the Old Blue Last and we dressed as Kiss. I was living with Fern [Ford, drummer] at the time and it took us four hours to get home because London was a mess. Everyone was having fights in the streets and people were being racist on the bus, it was mental. The year before that I dressed as Father Christmas. I used to live with a girl who was a fancy dress enthusiast, and she makes all these amazing costumes. There were just loads of weird outfits in zip-up bags in our living room and it was the first one I found! And I just kept it. I haven’t worn it on stage, but I did wear it in the video for The Road. But I lost my hat, so I’m Santa without a hat which is a bit weird.

When I spoke to Celia [Archer, bassist] she wouldn’t tell me what Silent Movie Susie is about. Clarify for us?
How do I put it? Silent Movie Susie is about a time when I was very worried because I’d lost the feeling in one of my nipples, which the pet name for is ‘Susie’. All girls know that nipples are like a magic secret in the bedroom and I was very worried that because I’d lost the feeling in one of them I’d lose the feeling in the other. And it wasn’t summer, and I wanted it to come back. So I was a bit paranoid about it all. The silent movie bit came from comparing the vision of someone… I’m gonna have to be quite graphic. It’s like the vision of imagining my boyfriend in front of me and I can see that he’s doing something but I can’t feel it, you know? It’s not really silent but it isn’t the full sensation. I’ve told people what it’s about before but not that explicitly. Nipples, the key to everything.

You've got a headline tour coming up at the start of November. Are you excited to be playing your own shows again?
Yes, definitely. They’re so different. At these shows there are some people who’ve come to see us but most of the people are Mystery Jets fans. Like, the point of these shows is to play to people who wouldn’t see us otherwise. But when we’re headlining it’s just so cool because people know the songs and people want to dance and they’re there for you, so we’re all in it together. You don’t have to try to impress people, you just have a party!

'Silent Movie Susie' is out now. Catch The Big Moon on tour from this Friday! All dates supported by Trudy and the Romance. 

Liverpool Music Week, Liverpool Arts Club (28/10) w/ VYNCE
Glasgow, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (29/10) w/ Lucia Fontaine
Sheffield, Picture House Social Club (30/10) w/ Abattoir Blues

Nottingham, Bodega (01/11) w/ Abattoir Blues
Norwich, Waterfront Studio (02/11) w/ Dazy Crown
London, Scala (03/11) w/ Abattoir Blues


Words: Alex Cabré