28 Oct 2016

Neuicide! Al Lover's Psychedelic Pastiche Will Leave Your Head Spinning

Is the name Al Lover familiar to you? No? Well, take a second to take in the double entendre of his name, and we'll begin. Al's one of American psychedelia's heavyweights having released maybe ... 6 ... ish ... albums this decade. Like those other psych artists, you know, the ones we don't shut up about, Al Lover grips you with an uncanny knack to grip you and pull you into his own little world with his music. However, unlike lots of other bands, our boy Al doesn't really use guitars, and instead opts for a hypnotic blend of synths and drum machines and anything he can get his hands on. As you'd probably be able to deduce from one listen to Brian Jonestown Masochist, one of his best known songs, Al's self aware and knows that psychedelia is in itself a pastiche of influential bands and sounds.

Self aware always, yes, but no more than on his latest 10' release, Neuicide!. An homage to NEU! and Suicide, who, I might be wrong in saying, but were two of the first great bands to make experimental rock 'n' roll music in an ensemble that didn't resemble the typical guitar band. Split into two parts, NEUicide! and NeuICIDE!, the 10' is a brilliant postmodern fusion of two of the most important bands ever.

NEUicide! has that oh-so-archetypal motorik rhythm that Klaus Dinger popularised back in '72, with luscious subsuming textures decorating the airspace beautifully with melodic psychedelic noise. This song sounds exactly like you'd expect; a NEU! pastiche, with bits of Suicide-influenced organwork whirring by.

NeuICIDE is the opposite. A sprawling 7 minute jam that actively refuses to have any easily definable structure, the track's largely a melodic number that has moments that hint towards the brutalist horrors of Frankie Teardrop. Feedback, synth organ sounds, and invasive bleeps push all the right buttons in paying an homage to two of the most bold, pioneering bands in musical history.