23 Oct 2016

Phobophobes / Human Baby (single review)

Phobophobes are part of the Brixton music scene, a wonderful Fat White Family-centric collective of musicians that make some of the best alternative guitar music in the country. On their first single, No Flavour, the Londoners blasted their way into way with unashamedly confrontational, if not simple and tried and tested, garage rock, but with Human Baby, their second single, the band are developing their sound, being less Stooges, less MC5 and more Phobophobes.

Like the Fat White Family, Phobophobes sound at times have an underlying infantility to their sound; playful guitar lines are here and apparent, and would probably - when isolated - not be out of place on a children's bedtime stories compilation. But juxtaposed with the savage snarling of the frontman Jamie Taylor, as he roars that he's "just a human baby" with Iggy Pop-style reptilian abandon, the band sound almost creepy. They - like all the best rock and roll bands - have the ability to make your skin crawl, in between the sleaze and chaos of their garage rock sound. Phobophobes are definitely ones to keep an eye out for, as they're pretty set to take off - they're touring with Telegram this week, and who knows where they'll go from here...

Words: Cal Cashin