7 Oct 2016

PREMIERE | Hear the dreamy debut from The Office inspired Lejon Brames

Lejon Brames is the latest of several projects from lo-fi newcomer Thomas Little. Based in Norwich but originating from Canada, his psychy, surfy numbers come inundated in dreamy effects, with melancholy lyrics giving a bitter-sweet edge to uplifting guitar arrangements. why do i hate summer so much epitomises this, as Little laments about seasonal misfortunes over a hypnotically hazy melody. 

About the track, he says: "This song is unapologetically sad. It talks about my summer of couch-surfing, not having a house, being alone, and hating it. When finding a place to stay for more than a few nights, I started writing and recording some new songs, and actually sort of liked them. I was in a new frame of mind, and wanting a bit of a new beginning. I was watching an episode of The Office (U.S.) which is my favourite show ever, and probably the finest display of television we’ve witnessed as a society, and Dwight says to Daryl “I’m gonna make you look like Lebron James”, to which Daryl responds “It’s Lejon Brames”. I love The Office. I love basketball. It just had to be that. So here we are; a sad lil dude with some tunes to share. I hope you dig it."

why do i hate summer so much is the first cut from the 3-track okay, listen close EP coming October 21st via Hazy Dog Records.


Words: Alex Cabré