13 Oct 2016

Sleaford Mods Put A New Track Out Ahead Of EP Release, And Boy Is It Good

Ahead of tomorrow's release of TCR, Sleaford Mods' next EP, which will feature 5 new tracks from the duo, the Nottingham band have shared a new track called I Can Tell. And oh boy is it a banger. A marauding synth bass part and repeated scowls of "pulled apart and pushed!" set a tone of absolute claustrophobia for what is one of the band's most uneasy sounding songs.

The absolute poet at the heart of the Sleafords' trademark sound, Jason Williamson, has called this track "basic politics for the discerning skeptic". Dark songs for dark times are what the band trade in, after all. If you needed anymore reason to look forward to the release of TCR, this is it. Y'know, as if "Sleaford Mods are probably the most important artists in Britain today and everything they do is fucking insane" isn't reason enough to whet your appetites.

Vapour Trail Top Tip: make the trip to your local record store tomorrow, and pick up the latest Sleaford Mods 12 inch, you know you wanna.


Words: Cal Cashin