22 Oct 2016

The Allah-Las / Calico Review (album review)

The Allah-Las are very good at making music that is stuck in the past, as well as being timeless, the sweet melodies of old-school psychedelic rock 'n roll soar through Calico Review. It's easy to imagine this music drifting through an open window in California whilst people smoke and waste their time in the best way possible. There are undertones of melancholy to this album, which is quite new from the Allah-Las, it adds another level to their sound. 

While the band are doing nothing new, merely recreating the dreamy noises of the 60s in 2016, it never feels copycat or stale, they add interest and there are licks of experimentation scattered about the entirety of Calico Review. It could be argued that a lot of the tracks are oversimplified, but I think that's the beauty of them. The influences on this album are obvious, from The Velvet Underground to The Kinks (especially on the track Famous Phone Figure). It's lovely to lie back and listen to, it sounds effortless and like a summer's day. 

The Allah-Las have provided us with an album full of good songs, but I do miss the instrumentals from them, because I feel that is what they really excel at. Lyrically, the album is okay, it's nothing all that special, but that's not the focus of this band. It's the sound that is the overarching draw of the Allah-Las, they make pretty music and Calico Review is just that.


(Words: Rach Tindall)