7 Oct 2016

There's An Actual Real Life New Rolling Stones Song And It Ain't Bad

The Rolling Stones - namely that Jagger chap - are two things above all others. They're really fucking cool, and really most definitely lizards. Seemingly of those bands that are definitely still doing it for money (see: The Who, Fleetwood Mac), it looked like they were never really gonna release any music. Yesterday, however, they did just that, and put out Just Your Fool. A 146-second blues rock stomp, and a cover of a Buddy Johnson track, it really ain't that bad. 

The song sounds more like the bands earliest recordings, the self titled album of just over 50 years ago that saw them meteorically rise to fame with a little help from their friends (their friends being a cracking selection of blues tracks to cover). It's got that traditional killer Stones glitz, and quite frankly, it's a banger. Sure, the actual Rolling Stones were always going to do a decent cover of a classic bluesy pop song, but in this two minute nugget, the ageing rock and roll lizardry have actually given us something that can make us look forward to their first new album in over a decade, which is coming in December. 

It's only a covers album, mind, so let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Hear it below.

Words: Cal Cashin