24 Nov 2016

RIP George Russell - Phobophobes' New Video For Human Baby

You've all heard Phobophobes' new single, Human Baby, right? Well, if not, you haven't been paying attention and you should do that now. Well, I'll carry on with the article as if you answered that "yes". The Brixton garage band's brooding psychedelic garage stomp eases off for the most part of the track, bar a brilliant guitar-driven middle 8 and a rear end psychedelic freakout. Radiating the sleaze you'd expect, it's still a lecherous nugget of garage from Brixton via 60s Detroit, but Human Baby has a delicate sensibility to it otherwise forgotten about amindst the tides of nosie Phobophobes bring to the table.

22 Nov 2016


So, you’re back here again. Floating adrift, somewhere between voluntary starvation and violent binge eating, the notion of lost romance prodding you in the face like a needy toddler. You think: “if only I had the energy to lift my head from this tear-stained pillow. To find some songs that exemplify my cursed, sullen predicament.”

Well, look no further, because we’ve got you covered. Shut the blinds, make a brew and plug yourself in – it’s going to be a heavy 59 minutes.

21 Nov 2016

WILDE THING: We Talk the Past, Present and Future With Oliver Wilde

With three albums in three years, Bristol based songwriter Oliver Wilde has turned heads with his mind-altering creations of ambitious alternative pop. Speaking before his first show in London for over 2 years, Wilde opened up about his forthcoming album, set for release early next year.

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19 Nov 2016

Blaenavon, The Vaccines Share Exclusive Charity Covers

Photo: Press
Artists including Blaenavon, The Vaccines and Years & Years have unveiled exclusive cover performances in aid of award-winning charity CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. To mark International Men's Day (November 19th) the charity has launched Torch Songs, to "celebrate the power of music to lift us out of life's low points".

The Suncharms' Comeback Interview: Sheff's Finest Shoegazers Talk Their Reunion

Formed in the late 80s, The Suncharms were a Sheffield band that combined dreamy shoegaze ethereality with crisp indie pop melodies to make some of the prettiest and most charming music of the era. The five piece released a handful of gorgeous EPs before disappearing off the face of the earth without any of the recognition they deserved. However, with the shoegaze revival in full swing, the Yorkshire quintet are back to settle some unfinished business; I spoke to Marcus Palmer, the band's frontman, to talk about the past, present and future of one of the 1990s best kept secrets.

17 Nov 2016

The Wands / Faces (EP review)

The Wands first sauntered into our earholes in 2012 with an EP called Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic, which really set a precedent for what the band would go onto. The band are authentically as weird as that title suggests, and on new EP Faces their sound is more batshit than ever. The band are probably my favourite psych-pop revivalists, with their 2014 debut The Dawn being one of my favourite psych albums ever, so boy! It was a relief to find this gem of a new EP in my inbox.

16 Nov 2016

Baba Naga - Sheffield Lads Making Experimental Guitar Music To Usher In The Apocalypse

A cocktail of Eastern acid rock, hard-riffing garage and drone-pop are served to you on da house with Baba Naga's second 10' EP, Plna Krvy/DeificYen. Considering they're from Sheffield, the dreary Yorkshire town that's birthed Cabaret Voltaire, Arctic Monkeys and The Human League (whose earliest work is as perfect a portrayal of the concrete jungle you'll ever hear), you'd think maybe they'd call themselves something a tad less, uhh, pretentious, and maybe give you song titles in English. But maybe that doesn't matter; after all, this presents you with two choices. The not-so-hard option of putting the music on and not staring longingly at the vowel-less titles onscreen. Or the slightly more challenging narrative the artist sets out for you; you can believe that DeificYen is a "portrayal of a godless soul seeking genuflection from celestial others. A paean call to the limacine masses.” And if you choose the latter, and just for a bit, jump on Baba Naga's magic carpet, then the ensuing rewards can be more mind expanding than George Harrison's first little go on a sitar.

14 Nov 2016

BLACKASH: Shamanic Psychedelic Warriors That'll Take The Midlands By Storm

Seeing as its been more than 10 years since the last Broadcast album (RIP Trish), Black Sabbath are just a tribute band, and Swell Maps stopped existing long before I was born, it feels like it's probably time for a great band to arise from Birmingham. Considering it's meant to be the UK's self styled 'second city', its artistic output has been about as good as its football teams' in recent years - so it's about time the Midlands gave us another brooding, invasive group of cathartic noise-mongers, again, isn't it.

Portsmouth Psych Fest: Bring The Noise To The South Coast

Only two names have been announced for Portsmouth Psych Fest, an inaugural noise-celebration hitting the South Coast next April. Taking place at the Wedgewood Rooms and The Edge of the Wedge, and bringing a double figures amount of bands to the city, the festival's looking to be a key event in making 2017 a better year than this one.

13 Nov 2016

2017: The Year Of King Gizz

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are the gift that keep on giving. Just a handful of months after their eighth album Nonagon Infinity, they've announced that 2017 will see the band release five albums. Five. Five albums of actual, real music. F-I-V-E.

11 Nov 2016

Death Grips: The Weird and Wonderful

When we look back on some of our favourite bands, we don't just think about the music: You don't look back on Queen without gushing over Freddie Mercury's flamboyancy; you don’t look back on the Beatles without associating them with the revolution and change of the swinging 60s; you don't look back on Nirvana without considering Kurt Cobain as a spokesperson for a whole generation of wannabe individuals. All these bands were able to capture the zeitgeist of there defining generation.

So Long, Leonard. A Short Musical Tribute

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1934 - 2016
Leonard Cohen was ready to die. We knew, just as well as he did, that this was coming. But that doesn't make it any less sad. The master of erotic despair, Cohen's art eternally be remembered for its debauched romanticism, and raw, honest beauty. Much like Bowie's Blackstar, his last album You Want It Darker - title track especially - is the perfect omniscient sign off. "I'm ready, my lord" the Canadian growls, greeting death like an old friend. Leonard Cohen's one of my favourite singer-songwriters, and I don't have a huge amount more to say here other than my heart is just a tad broken right now.

10 Nov 2016

The Moonlandingz / Blak Hanz (EP review)

Black Hanz EP - 10"I said it in an earlier, less pretentious primer for this EP, and I'll say it again: The Moonlandingz are not only one of *the* great bands operating in the world today, but they're the Vladislav Surkovs of guitar music. Maybe to explain what this quite possibly contrived metaphor in its full glory its best I explain what a Moonlandingz is. And what a Vladislav Surkov is. Sure, there'll be unanswered questions; why does it end with a Z, Cal? Is it necessary that you've churned out nearly 2000 words, Cal? Are you sure its that deep, Cal? Can't you just enjoy the fact that it's good music and get on with you life, Cal? Well, if the fact I can't answer these questions phases any of you I suggest you tune out, pick up the closest NME to hand, and skim through Noel Gallagher's Top 7 Psychological Thrillers. This is not an EP for those that need everything in black and white, and well, if you've ever ordered a carpet sample. this EP is not for you.

So where to start? What are The Moonlandingz? Well, to wholly understand this we've gotta cast our minds back, to the distant past: early 2015 to be exact. A time when Donald Trump was just a satanic businessman, with a lot of blood on his hands for non-party political reasons. A time when an EU referendum was just an electoral tactic. And a time when we didn't know whether there'd actually be a sequel to Blade Runner. Et cetera.

May 2015. Avant-garde northern type experimentalists The Eccentronic Research Council have just released their fourth album, which is called something to the effect of Johnny Rocket, Narcissist and Music Machine, I'm Your Biggest Fan. It follows the narrator - resident of fictional Yorkshire town Valhalla Dale - on her spiralling journey into debilitating Humbert Humbert obsession with Johnny Rocket, lead singer in a band called "The Moonlandingz". Maxine Peake, your humble narrator, describes them as a "cosmic synth krautabilly group doing fuzzy Joe Meek-style pop", a description that is bang on the money. But instead of letting The Moonlandingz be a mere footnote, a namecheck in Peake's twisted allegory, the ERC enlisted the help of the most shamanic songwriting duo this side of Lux Interior's death; Lias and Saul of South London's Fat White Family.

For said LP, Lias adopted the persona of Johnny Rocket; "godlike troubador" and frontman of The Moonlandingz and the biggest thing to hit Yorkshire since Heaven 17 stepped up stage with and got everybody moving to the groove groove for the very first time. The Moonlandingz' cameo appearances almost manage to singlehandedly steal the show from the ERC themselves, on their own album.

NAOTD #6: Hear Sad Palace's Dreamy Debut 'Rainbow Melt'

On their debut single Rainbow Melt, south coast four piece Sad Palace give noughties rock vibes a refreshing twist. Zesty guitars flicker around a fuzzy vocal before melting into a washed out breakdown. With all the feedback driven charm of 'EP Delicious' era Peace, it's a bold opening statement and surely a sign of bigger things to come. 

Shame / The Lick/Gold Hole (single review)

Brixton boys lighting the capital up with their own filthy, filthy garage rock, Shame have built up a huge following and a lot of hype with their stripped down sound and their raw energy. Essentially a shit hot garage punk band, their energetic live performances have led to live slots with Fidlar, the Fat Whites and The Garden. It's hard to believe their debut single's only just coming out, yet they're already so poised for world domination.

9 Nov 2016

NAOTD #5: SWEAT Want To Make Music Better Than Abbey Road

SWEAT are Dante Traynor (vox), Gamaliel Traynor (keys), David Noble (bass), Joe Minden (guitar), Matt Barnes (drums)
In a year of division and upset, Brexit, Trump and more, one South London quintet are making music to soundtrack the apocalypse. From Peckham, SWEAT are pioneering a new movement in independent dance music, bringing elements of pop, rock and more with every ear-melting belter they release. It's sexy and sultry, but with industrial themes that conjure images of glitter and grease, spilt perfume and androgynous strangers being filthy in shady looking night clubs. Backstage on tour in October, we got the low down on their inspirations, aspirations and everything in between. 

Marching Church / Telling It Like It Is (album review)

Following on from 2015’s fantastic 'This World Is Not Enough', which really cemented Marching Church as a more than just a mere side project of Iceage frontman Elias Rønnenfelt,  their new sophomore album 'Telling It Like It Is' contains a more subdued and relaxed sound whilst still retaining the physicality and rawness many have come to know and love. Rønnenfelt’s vocals are undeniably still the stand out feature around which the record's songs are written, but perhaps unsurprisingly due to an increase in membership of Marching Church, there is a more collaborative feel to 'Telling It like It Is', with its multitude of instrumentalists creating an almost orchestral depth in places.

7 Nov 2016

Shamanic Attack! The Moonlandingz Are Back

The Moonlandingz is a probably-semi-fictional side project of Lias and Saul of the Fat Whites and the vintage synth-lovin' experimentalists The Eccentronic Research Council. The ERC released an album last year of wandering dark allegory called Johnny Rocket, Narcissist and Music Maker, I'm Your Biggest Fan (or something to that effect, I'm hungover), where the protagonist (Maxine Peak!) falls into an infatuated cycle of obsession with the singer of a fictional band. That band are The Moonlandingz, brought to life for the purposes of art, and kept alive because they're better than any non-fictional band in the non-fictional universe.

Last year saw the band release the Moonlandingz EP, which featured the ineffably perfect Sweet Saturn Mine, a fuzzy nugget of astral garage-rock that was equal parts pop perfection and weirdo freakout. Part of me was a bit (a lot) worried that that would be it for the band - why would they exist any longer than they need to? They don't exist, do they? No one's really sure.

New Tunes For November: Part 2

Woah there. Another new music playlist? Yeah, it's that kind of month. With tons of great stuff out last week from a host of acts I'm sure will be both familiar to you and brand new, another compilation of some of the best new tracks seems fully in order. If you missed part one, check it out here - featuring Dream Wife, Dog is Dead and more.

6 Nov 2016

Husky Loops: A Chat With London-via-Italy's Post-Punk Experimentalists

Husky Loops are a post-punk band that are fast becoming London's most exciting prospect. Last month they turned heads with their newest track Fighting Myself, which combined thundering post-punk with industrial darkness. Their sound draws parallels to everyone you might want beamed into your ears; think a more accessible This Heat, a more immediate Modern English, a Joy Division capable of turning internal turmoil into sonic thunderstorm. It's hard to pin down the band's sound, but where utopia meets dystopia; where discord meets melody; where pain meets beauty; that's Husky Loops.

A three piece of Italian musicians who've come to the gloomy city of London to further their musical ventures, Husky Loops are everything you've been craving. Noisy and dangerous, but danceable and musically interesting, they're everything we need right now. Fascinated by their first couple of singles, I sent a few questions in the way of their frontman Danio, about everything and anything that crossed my mind.

3 Nov 2016

TOY / Clear Shot (album review)

Image result for toy clear shot
TOY are a band who have always been a near perfect post-modern psychedelia pastiche. On TOY, they enveloped psychedelic pop curiosities with fleshed out krautrock song structures in a way that was pretty pleasing to the ear. On Join The Dots, they furthered that sound, and climaxed with maxed-out 10 minute jams that started with a savage pace that didn't slow down. The London day-trippers burrowed away in the studio a bit longer before the release of album number 3, and whilst it probably sees them forge out a sound of their own more than ever before, you can't help but feel that what it misses are driving NEU! drumbeats and a bit more raw power.

2 Nov 2016

Angel Olsen / My Woman (album review)

Image result for angel olsen my womanI can safely say that this is one of my favourite albums, ever. My Woman permeates an eclectic mix of genres, including dream-pop, garage and rock. And yet, there is no sense of clumsiness or confusion - Angel expertly weaves the mix together to create an album that, even in it’s most serene parts where Angel - doing what she does best - engulfs the track in her steely, shivering vocals, is exhilarating.

It is obvious that on this album Angel is exploring a more electronic sound (she names Brian Eno as one of her leading inspirations), which is immediately established by the synth-pop opening track Intern. If there was ever a song to drift through the depths of space to - it’s this. It’s as if it has been recorded underwater or in a large, grand hall, producing a very different sound from tracks like Unfucktheworld and Stars on her previous album Burn Your Fire For No Witness.

1 Nov 2016

Your New Mexican Garage Rock Obsession: Has A Shadow

There's very few things in this life you can be sure of, but here's a short list. That fairy lights will always make a room look nicer. Pasta will fill you up. A cup of tea will make you feel better. Jose Fonte and Virgil Van Dijk are *the* centre back pairing. Putting The Stooges on in the morning will make the morning less bleak. Curry sauce on chips. Anything that comes out on Fuzz Club records will be good.

Moon Duo Announce Their Return With A Satanic Banger

It seems like only yesterday *audibly laughs* we were posting our live review for Wooden Shjips' cataclysmic show at the Scala, but it looks like the band's kingpin Ripley Johnson is back again with some killer new music. This time, it's with his other equally phenomenal project Moon Duo, who today announced their new album Occult Architecture with their first material since last year's Shadow of the Sun.

Kick November Off Properly With These New Tunes

It's November. It's cold. Halloween is over, and, despite what the shop fronts may want you to believe, Christmas is still a bit of a way off. In this dismal time make your ear holes happy with some new music - here are some picks to get you on your way.