13 Nov 2016

2017: The Year Of King Gizz

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are the gift that keep on giving. Just a handful of months after their eighth album Nonagon Infinity, they've announced that 2017 will see the band release five albums. Five. Five albums of actual, real music. F-I-V-E.

The first of these is Flying Microtonal Banana, which comes out Feb 24th. Its first track - the sonic journey that is Rattlesnake - was unveiled a matter of minutes ago, and sees the band at their very best. Sounding kinda offish, kinda deliberately deapan, the track's main focal point is the Eastern drone brought on by alternate guitar tunings, as well as the all engulfing whirls of wind that enter the mix midway through. Brilliant.

The track's droning guitars and repetition are so fantastic, so cool, that the facade of untouchability presented with every King Gizz release never drops. Different to almost anything you've ever heard, the eight minute song features guitars tuned beyond the 8-note western scale we all know and tolerate. Instead, King Gizz and his subjects play cheap guitars given microtonal - a kinda tuning not found on the Western musical scales - tunings in bid to make something that transcends your average run of the mill by-numbers psych group. And well, judging by Rattlesnake, it's working.

Flying Micotonal Banana is out February 24th on Remote Control.

(Words: Cal Cashin)