14 Nov 2016

Portsmouth Psych Fest: Bring The Noise To The South Coast

Only two names have been announced for Portsmouth Psych Fest, an inaugural noise-celebration hitting the South Coast next April. Taking place at the Wedgewood Rooms and The Edge of the Wedge, and bringing a double figures amount of bands to the city, the festival's looking to be a key event in making 2017 a better year than this one.

Innerstrings, the lighting genius behind Liverpool Psych Fest (and The Great Escape) are gonna transform the venue into a psychedelic neverworld, like you've never seen before, whilst the booking choices (two and counting) are great enough that our appetites are already whet.

Melt Dunes and Is Bliss, two of our favourite local bands (can we call them local still, now that we've relocated? I think I'm gonna call them local, still) are on the bill. Is Bliss make the kinda music dreams are fuelled by; meandering shoegaze that owes as much to The Horrors as it does to Slowdive.

We've mentioned Melt Dunes on here many, many times before, but here's a reminder if you've forgotten; underworldly psychedelic darkness, their live show is one of the best you'll ever see. Banshee-like screams, guitars that can summon satan herself, and cataclysmic songs that stretch into oblivion with winding, free-flowing evil structures, Melt Dunes are the band.

With the vast majority of the lineup still to be announced, Portsmouth Psych Fest is gonna be great and we can't wait to see you there...

Super early bird tickets are only a fiver! 

(Written by Cal Cashin)