24 Nov 2016

RIP George Russell - Phobophobes' New Video For Human Baby

You've all heard Phobophobes' new single, Human Baby, right? Well, if not, you haven't been paying attention and you should do that now. Well, I'll carry on with the article as if you answered that "yes". The Brixton garage band's brooding psychedelic garage stomp eases off for the most part of the track, bar a brilliant guitar-driven middle 8 and a rear end psychedelic freakout. Radiating the sleaze you'd expect, it's still a lecherous nugget of garage from Brixton via 60s Detroit, but Human Baby has a delicate sensibility to it otherwise forgotten about amindst the tides of nosie Phobophobes bring to the table.

They've just unveiled a video for it, and whilst its mainly full of grayscale cinematic shots that go quite perfectly with the music. Watch it below.

The main purpose though, is as a li'l remembrance for guitarist George Russell, who tragically died a few months back. RIP.

(Words: Cal Cashin)