10 Nov 2016

Shame / The Lick/Gold Hole (single review)

Brixton boys lighting the capital up with their own filthy, filthy garage rock, Shame have built up a huge following and a lot of hype with their stripped down sound and their raw energy. Essentially a shit hot garage punk band, their energetic live performances have led to live slots with Fidlar, the Fat Whites and The Garden. It's hard to believe their debut single's only just coming out, yet they're already so poised for world domination.

The debut single in question is Gold Hole and The Lick in a kinda explosive double A-side package - if you needed any further proof that Shame are your band for 2017 then here's 549 seconds that will definitely sway you. Gold Hole's screeching guitars sees the band at their most confrontational, a scathing capitalist critique bristling with vitriol and visceral noise. Musically, their guitar sounds are raw, recalling the filth of the Fat White Family or The Cramps, whilst frontman Charlie Steen's goes from an airy breeze of pleasantness to an explosion of Iggy Stooge fury in a matter of seconds.

The Lick showcases Shame as the perfect antidote to banality of 99% of indie guitar music; caustic lyrics are half spoken over the top of some disonnant, tiptoeing guitar noises. Shame are scathingly old school, and authentically hark back to the first wave of Detroit punk rock; the passion and energy of the MC5, The Stooges or Destroy All Monsters explodes through the stereo. The best lyric comes halfway through, as an allusion to the depthlessness of soundbite culture: "Sit round in a circle as you skip one minute and thirty seconds into the chorus, so we can all sing along to the four chord future".

Shame justify any hype around them at the moment, and they're only going to get bigger, louder and better. "Salutations are in order, to welcome forth this sweet disorder" Steen sings on The Lick, and perhaps when there's plenty of not-so-sweet disorder on the way, Shame are just what we need.

(Words: Cal Cashin)