1 Nov 2016

Your New Mexican Garage Rock Obsession: Has A Shadow

There's very few things in this life you can be sure of, but here's a short list. That fairy lights will always make a room look nicer. Pasta will fill you up. A cup of tea will make you feel better. Jose Fonte and Virgil Van Dijk are *the* centre back pairing. Putting The Stooges on in the morning will make the morning less bleak. Curry sauce on chips. Anything that comes out on Fuzz Club records will be good.

It's that last one I wanna focus on as I bring you the latest band I'm obsessed with. I want to focus on curry sauce and chips as well, but I'm yet to work out a way to blag that into a post yet. Their new signing Has A Shadow, a Mexican band who deal primarily in unnerving garage rock and organ parts that can probably summon satan himself. Think The Jesus and Mary Chain. Put in a blender with Suicide. Then sprinkled with a handful of The Black Angels and the 13th Floor Elevators. What do you have? You have a mixed metaphor of meaningless comparisons AND a really great band.

Has A Shadow might have first clogged your earholes with dizzying psychedelia back in 2013 with their first record Sky Is Hell Black, but if not, it's time to use your oyster card to get on the bandwagon and give their newest track The Flesh a whirl. All the influences I crudely described earlier are there, and this track just brims with an electric kinda energy that just leaves you pining for more.

(Words Cal Cashin)