18 Dec 2016

Desert Mountain Tribe: The Musical Equivalent Of A Hot Bath

Desert Mountain Tribe are a psych trio from Croydon-via-Cologne, that make some of the most effortlessly cool garage rock. Think maybe The Charlatans being beamed to you from the other side of the abyss; there's the nonchalant baggy vocals of Jonty Balls, which draw instant comparisons to Tim Burgess, laid bare on top of sheets of psychedelic garage rock noise reminiscent of the BJM or the BRMC.

Their most polished effort to date is Take A Ride, their new single taken from their recently released debut. The video to it - which you can see below - captures the escapism of their acid rock, featuring shots of cult doc Mondo Cane and vintage shots of Germany. Music like this is the perfect catalyst to detach your mind from your body, if only for the duration of a song. Like escaping the world in a hot bath, this is hot bath music; a full body experience that via some brilliant psychotropic tones, sees you waft to a higher, better state of being.

Either That Or The Moon, their debut album sees the trio extend the dream sequence over a longer period of time, so if you need a break from the rest of the world for a bit longer. It sees the band position themselves as an essential in London's blossoming psych scene, and the perfect antidote to modern life.

watch their new video below 

(Words: Cal Cashin)