19 Dec 2016

The Wedding Present / Going, Going...

The Wedding Present's Going, Going… LP, their ninth studio record, hit UK shelves on the band's own Scopitones imprint, and this month on US label Happy Happy Birthday To Me. The indie indie rock legends' latest effort includes 20 tracks, whilst a limited vinyl run's available on HHBTM, the label of course known for championing indie talent from across the country and internationally.

This album tells the story of a road trip across the USA, revealed across a collection of twenty ‘linked’ songs, each with an accompanying short film. Frontman David Gedge has three decades in niche territory, delivering adrenaline-filled songs about unrequited love, full of speed and spunk, with his other project Cinerama differing somewhat.

The press release for this album reads “The album tells the story of a road trip across the US—or more accurately, the accumulation of thoughts collected during a road trip—over the course of 20 songs, each with its own accompanying short film.”

Going, Going... kicks off like no other Wedding Present album. The instrumental opener Kittery glistens, transitioning into surpreme virtual territory a la Mogwai. Greenland' keeps up the post-rock flavor, while Marblehead presents a lovely atmospheric girl/boy duet.

Lead single “Bear” - exposed already to those enjoying Weddoes' live sets since 2013 - brings in opening squalls of feedback, a twisted sweet melody, vivacious lyrics and aggressive guitars.

The road trips explored in this release allow the listener time for contemplation, with this album being more spiritual than anything they’ve ever previously released (especially thanks to the four opener tracks). From hyperactive to mellowy-lulling at times, the range of offerings on this album, combined with typical Wedding Present flair, is addictive. Fortunately, there's a whole 20 tracks to indulge in, for fans and newbies to the band's output alike.
Standout tracks include Secretary, Kill Devil Hills, Rachel, Broken Bow, and epic finale of Santa Monica. For as long a history as these indie pop rock giants have to their name, it appears that The Wedding Present are looking forward – to new sounds and new inspiring journeys.

Speaking of road trips, The Wedding Present once again bring their music to North America in mid-April 2017 with a 13-date tour (mainly the USA with three stops in Canada). They will be supported throughout by relative newcomer solo artist Colleen Green, so see ya at the front.


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(Words; Adam Trainor)