17 Dec 2016

Winter Listening Essential: Ummagma and AR Kane Collaborate On A Beautiful New Track

AR Kane, recently reformed pioneers of the shoegaze genre, are a band very high up my 'need to see' list. As a result, most days I check their twitter to see if there's been any London dates announced. To my delight, yesterday saw the unveiling of this not-so-much-festive, but definitely timely gem of dream-pop:

A collaboration between AR Kane and Canadian-via-Ukraine dream-pop duo Ummagma, Winter Tale is a beautiful example of dream-pop at it's most hibernal and poignant. Taking an originally very lovely Ummagma song, Kane kingpin Rudy Tambala's added a kind of arresting guitar crunch and a twinkling synth to make it resemble Medicine or the Mary Chain at their softest. Three different versions are available here, and you should give them all a whirl

I'm not one to take quotes outta press, but when it comes to the charismatic frontman AR Kane's Tambala (here we interview that seriously cool cat), I'll make an exception: "Ummagma’s sound is so trippy I had to buy new studio monitors to make sure I wasn't hallucinating... If Underworld or Chemical Bros did their song Lama, it would be proclaimed an instant classic," he said. And you can't disagree. Winter Tale is the best antidote to a dreary December yet, and with every play it just gets better and better.

(Words: Cal Cashin)